You can do this.

The results are in and it looks like you're more attractive than you thought!

Based on your responses, it sounds like you mainly need to inform people so they understand.

Motivating people can be a tricky business, but really it’s all about translating ideas. With the right strategies, people will take action based on their own initiative. Your idea becomes their idea and before you know it, they’re breaking down the door to get to you!

So, how do you do it? The best way is to use video. It’s a no-brainer.

As a multi-sensory medium, video can communicate to both hemispheres of the brain, equally well. Video can present dialogue, imagery, text and graphics, not to mention music and sounds. If these elements are well composed, it can make us laugh or cry, or it can help us to understand and learn. More than just information, video is an experience and makes your idea memorable.

So, what's your idea? Pull up your Directors chair, grab some donuts from the catering van and let’s get going.

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