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Community Projects

A few times each year, we support not-for-profit community organisations to promote thier causes. Although we're often working with modest resources, we find a focus on clear, authentic messaging and striking the right tone is what really resonates with concientious community audiences.

Community Projects here include Promotional Video, Educational Video and Photography.

Community Events - Soggy Bottom Cardboard Box Regatta

"It was inspirational observing the creative talents and passion of Simon & Stacey as they produced an amazing video that lifted the promotion and marketing of our popular community fund raising event to new heights.They professionally guided us in creating a clear “brief” that would compassionately motivate our many stakeholders. Working to tight deadlines they then transformed the “brief” into a high quality and exciting video which achieved wonderful responses and complements from our stakeholders. It was a pleasure working with Simon & Stacey and I would strongly recommend your organisation enlists the support of “The Bakery Team” to help you achieve great success with your future projects."

Youngtown Rotary, Chair

Leigh Dyson

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