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Create Future Value

The Bakery is a creative agency and production studio specialising in custom solutions for growing Australian brands. Our strategic communications work is the foundation of our practice to inform the creation of innovative content that engages an audience and inspires action. The core function of our business is to ultimately create future value for our clients.


Strategic Communication

We get excited by creative possibilities and we know our clients do too, but sooner or later the question arises: 'But how do we know what to do?' 


Creativity may be dazzling in its variety of forms but the process of getting there should be quite the opposite. For the best chance of predictable outcomes, a tested and well worn process is best. A thorough understanding of our clients industry, thier business and thier particular challenges and opprtunities is paramount to prescribing an effective solution.

Creative Production

With a carefully crafted message - the product of a sound strategic plan, creativity springs into action and offers a broad palette of applications. We utilise all forms of video, photography and text to arrest audience imagination and create new thoughts and emotions.

Understanding the value of brand perception and the tools available for optimal positioning is what inspires us to create meaningful campaigns for our clients.

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Promotional Video - The Spotted Quoll

"Absolute delight!!! We worked with The Bakery for our new fashion collection, not only did they make it happen in a short time frame but they were so easy and wonderful to work with and the result was everything and more we had hoped for. The video captured our brand essence so much so I actually cried when I watched it the first time. I was truly overwhelmed with joy."

Tamika Bannister, Business Owner

The Spotted Quoll


Our Clients

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